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Allen Institute for Cell Science: Highlights from 2018

Last year, the Allen Institute for Cell Science debuted a predictive 3D model for the organization of live human stem cells, used machine learning to predict cells’ organization from light micrographs, and introduced several new genome-edited human iPS cell lines.

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Allen Cell Collection

Two years of glowing cells for science

The Allen Cell Collection, a suite of engineered stem cells built for discovery and translation, has been open to non-profit and academic use for two years. Now, they are also available for research in industry.

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Cell Methods

New Allen Cell Methods videos

We’ve published two new Allen Cell Method videos to help researchers working with our human iPS cell lines in their labs. See our videos on working with Matrigel and on thawing human iPS cells.

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ASCB 2018 and Seattle Cell Science Symposium

See our video filmed at the 2018 ASCB | EMBO Annual Meeting, from the Cell Data in the Classroom session. This is an educator-driven discussion on the use of resources in the classroom. Also last month, we hosted the third annual Seattle Cell Science Symposium, bringing together cell biologists from Seattle and nearby. See videos here.


BPS 2019

Biophysical Society 2019

Meet scientists from the Allen Institute for Cell Science at the 2019 Biophysical Society Annual Meeting in March. Our booth will include information on our newest tools and resources, including the Allen Cell Structure Segmenter.

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Dual Tagged Line

Allen Cell Collection: new cell lines

Four new fluorescently tagged human iPS cell lines are now available in the Allen Cell Collection, including our first dual fluorescently tagged line targeting the ER and nuclear envelope.

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Join the conversation

Debuted last fall, the Allen Cell Discussion Forum now includes topics ranging from gene editing, hiPS cell culture, cell segmentations, label-free methods, machine learning, and education. Join the discussion to get expert and community help with our cells, tools and other resources.

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