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Announcing two new Allen Discovery Centers

The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group has announced the creation of two new Allen Discovery Centers, each funded at $10 million over four years, with the potential for $30 million over eight years.

The Allen Discovery Center at UW Medicine
Cell Lineage Tracing

Led by Jay Shendure, M.D., Ph.D., this Discovery Center will use new technologies and paradigms to develop lineage maps for the zebrafish and mouse--the first global maps of development in any vertebrate.

Learn more about the Allen Discovery Center at UW Medicine.

Jay Shendure

The Allen Discovery Center at Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Human Brain Evolution

Led by Christopher Walsh, M.D., Ph.D., this Discovery Center will take a multidisciplinary approach to addressing what makes the human brain distinct over the course of evolutionary history, with the goals of identifying key genes required for human brain evolution, analyzing their roles in human behavior and cognition, and studying their functions to discover evolutionary mechanisms.

Learn more about the Allen Discovery Center at Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

Christopher Walsh

Transformational Frontiers Group scientists recognized by most selective NIH grants


National Institutes of Health

The National Institutes of Health has announced their 2017 cohort of awardees in the High-Risk, High-Reward program: a national effort to recognize and support exceptionally creative ideas that offer unprecedented insights into biology. In the two most competitive award categories, our Allen Distinguished Investigators and Allen Discovery Center leaders comprised an amazing 25% and 38% of the awards, respectively.

Read more about the awards and awardees on our website.

Join us for the Allen Frontiers Symposium, October 25-26


Allen Frontiers Symposium

The Allen Frontiers Symposium, a two-day event featuring Allen Discovery Center lead scientists and Allen Distinguished Investigators presenting their latest advances, will take place October 25-26 at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco. The symposium will highlight pioneering research topics spanning epigenetics, aging, cell lineage, microbial evolution, human brain evolution and more.

Learn more about the event and register on our website.

Allen Discovery Center at Tufts University moves into new facility


ADC Tufts papers

The Allen Discovery Center at Tufts has moved into their new facility and held an inaugural symposium to celebrate the opening.

Watch our video about the pioneering work being done at the Allen Discovery Center at Tufts University, and read about the opening of the new building that houses the center.

Want more from the Allen Discovery Center at Tufts? Read about their recent publication in Nature Communications in Science News.

American Heart Association and Frontiers Group announce joint awardees


AHA + Frontiers Group

Two researchers have been awarded $1.5 million grants that could uncover the next breakthrough in heart-health research. The American Heart Association and the Frontiers Group jointly announced the two awardees, whose research will address the role of the extracellular matrix in heart disease.

Learn more about the awardees in the joint press release.

Allen Distinguished Investigator stores frames of a movie in living cells


Macklis Nature

A team jointly led by Allen Distinguished Investigator Jeffrey D. Macklis at Harvard University has demonstrated the enormous potential of DNA as a medium for storing information within living systems by encoding black and white images and frames of a short movie in the genome of a population of E. coli bacteria. The work, published in the journal Nature, is an exciting first step toward storing more kinds of information, including biological information, within many kinds of cellular DNA.

This month, Macklis was also awarded an NIH Director's Pioneer Award for high-risk, high-reward work, based on work he pursued as part of the Allen Distinguished Investigator program.

Read more about the work in the news story on our website and read the press release on the award on the NIH website.


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