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Exploring Frontiers: Connecting Neurodegeneration and Cancer


Exploring Frontiers: Connecting Neurodegeneration and Cancer

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Paul G. Allen Frontiers group presents Exploring Frontiers: Connecting Neurodegeneration and Cancer. This symposium will highlight the state of the frontier field investigating the relationship between these two diseases.

A full understanding of neurodegenerative disease remains elusive, from understanding initial disease stages to providing effective therapeutics. Join us as we highlight current investigations and future opportunities exploring the complex relationship between neurodegeneration and cancer.

Learn more and register for this event on our website.

Jay Shendure: Cracking the code of developmental biology


Jay Shendure

Allen Distinguished Investigator Jay Shendure is pioneering the field of lineage tracing with his powerful technology to insert barcodes into the genomes of developing organisms. His work is poised to have great impact not just on on understanding key principles of development, but also on human health and disease research.

Read more about Shendure's work and how it is transforming the landscape of developmental biology in our news story.

Allen Distinguished Investigator Svante Pääbo: Explorer 


Svante Paabo

Svante Pääbo is using the Neanderthal genome to identify genomic and gene differences that are truly human-specific and separate modern humans from other species. He will then test the ancestral and derived versions of these genes in various contexts to better understand their function.

Watch our video to learn more about Svante Pääbo's explorations in this frontier field.

Chan Zuckerberg names ADIs in first set of awardees


Biohub ADI Awardees

Two Allen Distinguished Investigators and an ADI collaborator are among the receipients of more than $50 million in grant funding announced in February by the biomedical research initiative created by Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckergerg and his wife, Priscilla Chan. 

Read more about the work of awardees Hana El-Samad, Martin Kampmann and Jillian Banfield in our news story. 


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